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Advanced Treatments

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Teeth move through gentle constant pressure, which is traditionally done using a bracket as an anchor and wires to pull teeth. Newer techniques include aligners to act as non-visible brackets. 

Clear Braces such as C-fast, Invisalign and aligner treatment help to straighten the front six teeth for a more desirable appearance. As part of our advanced treatments, we offer an alignment assessment, diagnostic and quote.

Difficult teeth that need extracting sometimes require the removal of bone/raising the gum to gain access. Extractions typically take 30 minutes to 1 hour with pain management to ensure your comfort throughout.

Teeth that are broken below the gum line generally need to be extracted.

As part of our advanced treatments here at Ashby Fields Dental, we offer a unique service where we are able to use a segmental brace to pull the tooth above the gumline, making it repairable. 

Teeth that are broken below the gum line generally need to be extracted. Crown lengthening is an alternate service to orthodontic extrusion.

The treatment involves exposing the root through a minor surgical procedure that allows for it to be repaired (capped).

This procedure not only saves the tooth but is also cost-effective as it also delays requirement for prosthetic replacement.

An implant acts as a replacement tooth and is created from a titanium stud that is placed within the jawbone. The titanium stud naturally fuses with the bone and acts as a replacement root. A false tooth is then connected to the titanium stud once fusion is complete. We have the facility to provide this advanced treatments service featuring Implant Assessment. 3D scan & referrals, Implant Planning, Surgical Intervention. Contact us to book a consultation. 

There are 2 broad approaches to dental services – a comformative approach and a reorganizational approach. A full mouth rehab takes a reorganizational approach.

A full mouth rehab is typically required where teeth have suffered prolonged damage. Patients are assessed and informed, with a treatment plan put in place to fix, repair and maintain.

While each case will differ, typically they require records made of patients’ current mouth and jaw positions. We then look to find a reproducable and comfortable neutral jaw position. Generated records and the desired jaw position are then sent to the lab for a whole mouth reconstruction in wax or digitally. A mockup of the proposed reconstruction is then temporarily transferred to check appearance, comfort and functionality. We then look to provide this on a semi-permanent basis so the patient can get used to the new bite, before (all being well) making it permanent.

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