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General Treatment Options

Come for your routine check. Stay for the comprehensive general dental treatments:

Gum disease is caused by plaque which results in the loosening of teeth over time. Various treatments for gum disease are available, depending on your individual requirements.

Treatments include: Hygiene therapy and education with long-term care and maintenance. Advanced options also include anti-microbials (local and general) and specialist referrals.

Tooth rot and broken teeth are generally repaired using a range of treatments under the common heading of fillings.

The aim / benefit is for you to remain functional by replacing the broken down tooth, using the most appropriate and minimally invasive material. 

Our dentists provide the most appropriate filling, using either a fluoride releasing cement, a resin or a metal, based on function and aesthetics

There are 2 types of cracked teeth: painful (a flexing micro-crack) and painless (a shattered tooth). For a painful crack, treatment involves holding the cracked tooth together to stop flexing to remove pain. For shattered teeth, treatment involves glueing the tooth back on, filling, or capping.

Root canal therapy is carried out where the nerve in the tooth is dying or has died. This usually results in excruciating pain or infection. 

To get you out of pain in emergency, we offer partial nerve removal (extirpation). Full treatment is offered as root canal therapy. This involves cleaning the root area in preparation for a tooth rebuild. In some cases, tooth extraction may be the only option available.

After root canal therapy, the tooth does darken and can be internally bleached or covered. Both are part of our Advanced Treatment Options.

If the tooth structure is not heavily compromised, it can be filled. Usually, the properties of the tooth change and the structure is heavily compromised, requiring tooth capping. 

A correctly treated and appropriately planned rebuild will result in the tooth lasting longer.

Capping is usually done in the following circumstances:

1) To hold cracks together,

2) When fillings are too big and won’t last (recommended), or

3) Most often after root canal therapy. 

There are various choices of materials and designs. Examples include: Resin, Porcelain, Zirconia, Non-Precious metals, Gold or a fusion of these in the format of an inlay, onlay or full coverage crown. We always recommend the most appropriate minimally invasive option for your health & wellbeing.

Where it is not possible to repair and restore a tooth, extraction is recommended and carried out to prevent pain and infections. Please refer to our Advanced Treatments Options for missing teeth.

If you are in pain, we aim to offer an emergency appointment within 24hours (same day where possible). We encourage you to call early. For regular checkups and treatment, your appointment will depend on availability. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Each person’s oral healthcare requirements will vary depending on a number of factors. We encourage you to consult your dentist. However, as a general rule, good oral healthcare maintenance reduces the need for more frequent visits to the dentist.

If you are in pain, we aim to offer an emergency appointment within 24hours (same day where possible). We encourage you to call early. For regular checkups and treatment, your appointment will depend on availability. 

For NHS patients emergencies, call 111 for a local NHS out-of-hours practice. For independent patients, all out-of-hours options are accessible via a call on our telephone number. This includes out-of-hours treatment availability.

We offer a variety of treatments to suit a variety of oral healthcare needs; from general to bespoke dentistry. Our prices are designed with you in mind, to ensure that your perfect smile does not cost the world. Find out more about our prices by calling us or by viewing our Fee Guide.

We’re currently taking on private patients. We also accept NHS-exempt patients (subject to capacity). To find whether you are eligible for NHS-Exempt treatment, see the NHS Guidelines on Who is entitled to free NHS dental treatment in England. Future updates will be advertised via our Media channels.

Every appointment begins with an assessment of your oral health requirements. From there we put together a diagnosis and treatment plan. In some cases, this will involve a scale and polish. In other cases,  behaviour change management, detailed monitoring, hygiene therapy and more advanced treatments may be required.

There are plenty of parking spaces available including 3x disabled bays. There are no time restrictions or charges for using the car park. However, certain rules apply, as follows:

  1. If you park in the disabled bays, you must display your blue badge at all times.
  2. Do not park in the pull-in / lay-by outside of Tesco as this is a complete “No Parking Area”.
  3. Do not park in the designated (labelled) doctors bays.
  4. Do not drive down the private road as this is for permit holders only.
  5. Always ensure your vehicle is parked in a bay correctly. 


Ashby Fields Dental Centre is not responsible for any fines that may be issued. These are issued by a 3rd party company on behalf of the company who manage the whole site, including both car parks and private road.

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